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It is so much more than just "soap"--It's a little luxury.

We absolutely love our handmade soap and know you will too! Yes, soap is for cleansing, but the beauty, the amazing fragrances, and all of the benefits of handmade soap make it so much more than just "soap."

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How it's Made

Handmade soap is created by mixing oils and butters with sodium hydroxide (lye.)  A chemical reaction occurs between the fats and the sodium hydroxide and SOAP is formed. Each oil brings a different property to the soap, and our original recipe makes for a hard bar loaded with lots of lather!

Our soap is made in small batches and poured into log molds which are cut by hand into the bars that you purchase!

The bars then sit hidden to "cure" for approximately 4 weeks. This allows the bars to further harden as evaporation of excess water occurs.


In addition to choosing quality oils, our soap contains many beneficial additives.  

We make several goat milk soaps and multiple soaps that are only scented with essential oils.  When not using essential oils, we use phylate free fragrance oils.

We add various herbs or seeds to our soap batter--and even coffee--for decoration and exfoliation in addition to honey, tea, and pureed avocado in various batches. 

Every batch contains tussah silk and kaolin clay.  As colorants, we use various clays, plant based powders, cocoa powder, activated charcoal and skin safe micas.  

All ingredients are listed on each soap's label.

Benefits of Handmade Soap

Why use handmade soap vs. store bought "soap"?

Store bought "soap" is not actually soap at all. Most are harsh detergents which actually can strip the oils from your skin--resulting in dry, tight skin or, for some, irritation after use.

Handmade soap is rich in glycerin, naturally. Glycerin is a humectant which draws water to your skin keeping it hydrated! Store bought soap actually has the glycerin removed! This is why many report moisturizing effects of using handmade soap.

In addition to the skin-loving qualities, the rich oils and additives, it simply smells great too!